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OCR technology eases the healthcare industry’s burden

March 29, 2022

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1. What is OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It is the solution to identify characters on photos or PDF files, then extract information fields and save them as documents to digitize data. This technology allows users to store important information on computers as soft copies in a quick and convenient way.

The most commonly seen application of this technology is scanners at offices. However, today, the basic scanners can only scan hard-copy photos and give back digital ones. The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) into OCR technology has created a superior solution to digitize documents.

2. OCR technology and its use cases in the healthcare industry

OCR, Reader Flex

Today, in most hospitals, the medical check procedure is still complicated with many steps, using many papers such as media records, health insurance cards, etc. Many people have to get up early to go to hospitals and wait for their turns. In some cases, patients have to wait half a day but still cannot take their medical check. This wastes time and frustrates patients. Besides, manual information declaration takes a long time and has a high risk of mistakes at  data entry and data lookup later.


However, OCR technology has ended the period when patients have to wait in a long line. To decrease registering and categorizing time, many large hospitals have been using OCR technology to extract information on identity documents, such as ID cards, medical records, etc. When receiving patient information at counters, administrative employees just need a few seconds to scan with OCR-integrated machines, then collect needed information fields, helping to save as much time and effort as possible for patients. 

Furthermore, with smart OCR solutions integrated flexibly into hospitals’ information systems, all data of patients is stored conveniently and quickly right at the first medical check and can be accessed effortlessly later. With this benefit, doctors can easily find information, medical history of patients in emergency, and at the same time hospitals can reduce costs of administrative departments. As a result, with the development of the internet and smartphones, patients also can easily find their medical information, thereby helping simplify the searching process. 

Especially when Covid-19 is putting heavy pressure on the healthcare industry, driving technology adoption and minimizing direct contacts has become the twin goal of this sector – in which OCR technology is the stepping stone to achieve that. In Vietnam, a large hospital system in Hanoi has used FPT.AI Reader Flex solution to solve 2 big problems:

️1️⃣Shorten the information extracting procedure, thereby reducing overload and pressure on the healthcare team.

️2️⃣Automatically save patient information into its management system, streamlining data access processes. 

FPT.AI Reader Flex solution is an OCR tool built on an artificial intelligence platform, supporting healthcare systems with many outstanding features in comparison with other OCR tools on the market: 

️🎯 Optimal solution for Vietnam’s market: The difference between Vietnamese and Latin is special accents and characters. Therefore, other OCR tools usually have problems reading exactly Vietnamese characters. Normally, OCR solutions only get 75 – 80%, or even cannot extract Vietnamese characters. In contrast, FPT.AI Reader is a comprehensive tool to digitize documents, which is optimized for Vietnam’s market, so it reaches nearly absolute accuracy.

️🎯 State-of-the-art AI technology helps quickly analyze information fields and save them on computers with an accuracy of 98%, being the top in the market regarding recognition ability. In just a few seconds, important information will be digitized. For that reason, as soon as being used in hospitals that receive a huge load of data every day, OCR technology by FPT.AI can handle onboarding tasks smoothly, accurately, and quickly.

️🎯Easy integration into systems: With APIs, FPT.AI Reader can be integrated into any system of businesses in a short time. The solution allows quick customization to adapt and reach high performance for each problem of businesses. 

As the spearhead developed by leading artificial intelligence experts of FPT.AI, the document digitization software FPT.AI Reader is the most comprehensive for healthcare systems when starting digital transformation with a huge database. Promoting high tech in the new normal is the top priority in the healthcare sector to maximize productivity, optimize healthcare systems, and thus bring smart healthcare experiences to patients. 


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