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The potential of AI applications in the future

August 28, 2020

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This valuable information is provided by 737 CEOs surveyed by Deloitte Insights, from October to December 2019 across 9 countries.

AI – Join with the 4.0 revolution

According to Deloitte’s study, 67% of AI use cases aims to automate and optimize the business process.

Leading companies want competitive advantages by improving operational efficiency, enhancing the quality of existing products/services, and developing new services that bring more value to customers.

AI is integrated into technology solutions to automate operations, reduce and eliminate time-consuming, manual and repetitive tasks. This is an important step to optimize costs and increase productivity. 19% of businesses consider modernizing their data infrastructure with AI technologies to be a priority that help get competitive advantages presently.

Large enterprises are increasingly aware of the opportunities that AI offers and gradually make it an indispensable part of the business process. 26% of surveyed businesses said that AI helps them to stay ahead of the competition.

The Covid-19 outbreak around the world is both a challenge and a motivation factor for enterprises to become stronger in AI innovation and application to ensure frequent interaction with customers.

Large businesses gradually switch their attention from enhancing operational efficiency to leveraging AI power to improve existing products/services and invent new ones.

All business activities are under the pressure of the fierce price competition. Many new enterprises are looking for solutions that reduce costs by optimal work efficiency, then they begin to examine how AI can increase revenue. Large businesses believe that AI can help them escape the price war and open up new opportunities for higher profit margins through service innovation and improved customer experience. AI presently has the potential to make huge profits.

AI and the movement in Vietnam’s market

In the global technology trend, many large Vietnamese enterprises and corporations also quickly approached and appreciate the most advanced technologies to apply to the operational process for breakthroughs in the new era.

One of the most popular AI solutions nowadays is chatbot. A chatbot built on Artificial Intelligence can communicate with customers like a human consultant. Thanks to Machine Learning and the best Vietnamese Natural Language Processing (NLP) on the market, FPT.AI chatbot is one of the top choices of large enterprises. It can understand users’ intentions and give accurate corresponding responses, and especially can remember the context of the conversation to have natural conversations with users.

Besides chatbots, FPT.AI voicebot integrated with Speech Synthesis and Speech Processing technology can communicate with humans using natural voices. Voicebot is applied to call centers of many businesses, becoming Virtual Agent for Call Center that makes automatic calls to customers. Virtual Agent for Call Center can make inbound, outbound or scripted calls depending on the requirements and purposes of companies. In fact, Virtual Agent for Call Center of FPT.AI has helped the consumer finance business Home Credit make thousands of automatic calls during the Covid-19 social distancing period.


eKYC solution is the combination of AI with OCR, Face Recognition and Facematch, helping to perform the customer identification process quickly and accurately. Customers can carry out the process anywhere just on a smartphone with an internet connection. This is a huge step forward in the customer service of financial enterprises, and especially useful in the complicated situation of Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the survey of Deloitte Insights, 61% of CEOs optimistically said that AI will significantly change their business in the next three years, showing their expectations for it. Taking advantage of technologies to enhance the future, successful and strong businesses have made their names.

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