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Text to Speech is changing our reading habits

October 28, 2020

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What is Text to Speech (TTS)? Text to Speech is an AI-power technology that generates complete speech synthesis with human-like intonation and accents through understanding text and natural language.

Text to Speech technology has been studied for hundreds of years but only leaped in the past 10 years with AI. In the world, Text to Speech is being put into practice and bringing many values to businesses and people’s lives.

In Vietnam, FPT.AI Text to Speech is one of the outstanding solutions to convert Vietnamese text into speech thanks to the integration of Speech Synthesis, Voice Recognition and Natural Language Processing technology with in-depth research on Vietnamese. FPT.AI creates many natural voices with regional and gender diversity. 

Below are 3 pieces of evidence for the impact of Text to Speech on reading habits of Vietnamese people: 

1. Text to Speech has changed the traditional reading habit

Since technology is increasingly applied in life and electronic devices are developed, people tend to prefer convenience. Therefore, reading habits also gradually change, from paper-based books to ebooks, then audiobooks. 

Audiobooks show many exceptional strengths compared with traditional ones such as: 

  • Convenience: Only with a smartphone/tablet, users can listen to stories and articles anytime and anywhere (on a bus, taxi, café, departure lounge, etc.) 
  • Save time: You can listen to audiobooks while relaxing and resting your eyes, doing households, etc. 
  • Save cost: Audiobooks are unlimited knowledge storage. It takes a substantial cost to have all the books. However, with audiobooks, you just need to pay a monthly fee and listen to any books you want.
  • Various types of readers: While traditional paper-based books have disadvantages for visually impaired people, an audiobook is a useful solution. Moreover, audiobooks are also suitable for young children who cannot read yet. Regular reading helps children improve the ability to read and their vocabulary. 

FPT.AI Text to Speech is a great solution that helps publishers and online book websites convert their products and enhance interesting customer experience. 

2. Text to speech integrated into e-newspapers

When Artificial Intelligence was not developed, Text to Speech had many shortcomings. Editors had to record articles on computers then converted them into audio files and attached them to the articles. This method takes a lot of time, effort to read, cut and edit. 

With FPT.AI Text to Speech, the conversion of an article into an audio file is conducted in just a few minutes, simply and easily. FPT.AI Text to Speech has many emotional voices that are suitable for the language of journalism. Natural Language Processing technology helps to identify text with an accuracy of 98%, ensuring that the machine reads text correctly and have the rhythm like a human. 

Today, many e-newspapers in Vietnam have applied Artificial Intelligence to convert text to speech. Readers no longer have to look at computer/phone screens for a long time but can relax their eyes and still listen to and understand articles. 

Applying Text to Speech to e-newspapers is considered an inevitable development helping Vietnamese journalism keep up with the world. 

3. Text to Speech is used for movie reviews, auto movie voice over

According to Facebook’s research, users tend to interact more with videos than text. Therefore, instead of reading a movie review, users prefer watching and listening to narrations. Similarly, when watching movies, instead of reading subtitles, many people prefer voice-over movies because they can watch all the scenes while listening to the scripts. The traditional voice-over method has many limitations, wastes human resources and is hard to hear, etc. 

With FPT.AI Text to Speech, film studios can create voice-over quickly. The voice of FPT.AI Ban Mai is now especially popular among movie reviewers and voice actors. These videos have hundreds of thousands of likes, tens of thousands of shares and comments. In comparison with the difficult-to-hear and boring traditional voice, FPT.AI Ban Mai’s voice is as real and natural as a human voice, helping organizations quickly convert uninteresting text to captivating movie reviews, comments on social media. 

Below is a video using the voice of FPT.AI Ban Mai to review a movie on Facebook.

Science and technology are changing the habit of experiencing services. Acutely applying advanced technologies will help organizations and businesses save money, human resources and especially create new experiences to attract customers. 


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