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Top 8 benefits of digitizing data by the OCR-based FPT.AI Reader Flex solution

March 28, 2022

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What is OCR technology?

Optical characteristic recognition (OCR) is one of the most widely implemented technologies to digitize documents. OCR technology is used to scan photos of documents and convert them into Word files. Digitized documents can be easily searched for, edited on computers and shared online.

Any company planning to eliminate paper-based documents and start digitizing data can use OCR applications. From financial, banking, insurance businesses to companies in the legal and healthcare industry, especially businesses having a huge load of documents, they should prioritize adopting OCR technology to optimize their operation processes. And 8 outstanding benefits below will make FPT.AI Reader Flex an unignorable solution.

8 benefits of digitizing data by FPT.AI Reader

OCR, Reader Flex

The OCR technology developed by FPT.AI has many strengths, thus helping businesses to boost productivity and performance and streamlines their operation processes. OCR supports businesses to extract information accurately, especially in offices where employees have to handle a large number of documents each day. Below are some main advantages of using the OCR tool FPT.AI Reader Flex in data entry:

1. Boost productivity

FPT.AI Reader Flex helps businesses achieve superior productivity by allowing users to access their data faster. With OCR solutions, employees can reduce the time and effort of doing simple and repetitive tasks, such as extracting information, thereby focusing on core duties.

2. Reduce costs

Choosing OCR of FPT.AI will help businesses reduce the time and human resources on extracting data. This is one of the most important benefits of an OCR-based digitizing solution. This tool also helps cut costs of papers, printing, delivery, etc. The costs of restoring lost documents will be eliminated, and the office costs will be reduced significantly when a large space is no longer taken to store papers.

3. High accuracy

One of the biggest challenges of data entry is inaccuracy. Using state-of-the-art AI technology, FPT.AI Reader Flex solution records the highest accuracy rate in the market, up to 98%. This helps businesses to collect “clean” input data easily with an automated process, with no human involvement, helping minimize mistakes such as unintentionally typing mistakes, etc.

4. Space up storage

OCR software can scan, analyze, verify and organize information categories extracted from businesses’ papers. This means data now can be stored in digital form on computers, removing huge paper-based documents. Thus, automated data entry technology with OCR is one of the most important tools to deploy the “paperless” business model. 

Besides, FPT.AI Reader Flex also supports businesses to recover after a crisis quickly. Specifically, when data is saved in secured servers and distributed systems, it is still safe even in an emergency. In a sudden fire or natural disaster, digitized data can be instantly accessed to ensure commercial progress. 

5. Secure data

Securing data is the top concern for any organization. Paper-based documents have high risks of being lost, stolen or destroyed by external factors, such as humidity, insects and fire. However, these risks can be eliminated with digitized documents. Moreover, the access authority is also limited and controlled to avoid data theft or data leak, which easily happens in the traditional model if documents are transferred through many departments.

6. 100% of documents can be searched effortlessly

One of the biggest advantages of handling data by FPT.AI’s OCR technology is its systematization, making data easy to be searched and accessed at any time. This helps employees quickly lookup phone numbers, addresses, names and other information to find documents and use data resources efficiently. 

7. Enhance customer service

CRM is considered the most popular and effective tool to store and exploit customer data today. With OCR solutions like new generation FPT.AI Reader Flex, extracted customer information can be integrated and stored in businesses’ CRM systems, creating important data resources and driving personalized experiences. In addition, automated data entry processes minimize the time spent on waiting and making direct transactions at offices. The fast access to data can be the foundation for financial organizations when adopting the solution into high-tech services, such as opening accounts online, connecting bank accounts online, etc. OCR helps to store data systematically and access it in no time. Thanks to that, the waiting time of customers can decrease significantly, thereby improving their experiences.

8. Edit documents easily

While it is hard to edit paper-based documents, FPT.AI Reader Flex converts data into any format such as Word files, helping users to conveniently edit them without affecting their format and value. This is useful for data that need constant updates and regular changes.

It can be seen that the emergence of OCR tools has created positive changes for data entry and storage in businesses. By building document digitizing solutions based on OCR, in collaboration with a trustworthy partner, businesses can save their valuable costs and time. FPT.AI is proud to be a prestigious and experienced company in building OCR solutions for many large financial organizations in Vietnam. FPT.AI Reader Flex is the comprehensive answer to reduce the pressure of paper storage in offices, optimizing high-quality human resources and boosting efficiency. 



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