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Use cases of natural speech in retail

December 22, 2020

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According to the 2025 prediction of Servion Global Solutions, 95% of customer interactions will be supported by AI. Retail businesses need to consider more about the change in consumer’s buying journey and keep up with the trend of multi-sensory experience with modern technologies. Consumers nowadays not only interact with brands through sight but also want to hear – touch – smell to have a comprehensive experience. 

How natural machine voice and Speech technology is applying in retail? 

With the development of Speech synthesis, Speech recognition technology and Natural Language Processing technology (NLP), natural-sounding speech has been used by many retail businesses, bringing interesting experience of hearing to consumers. Unlike the previous machine voice without emotions, the application of AI and Speech technology creates many natural voices with characteristics of many regions and genders, providing a wide range of choices for different purposes, ensuring the most personalized experience for each customer. 

Here’s how the world leading retail brands are using speech at many points in the buying journey of consumers: 

Greeting customers: To personalize experience as soon as consumers enter stores, businesses can give a welcome by natural speech. Especially when consumers have accounts already, businesses can set up a greeting using their names. Thus, every customer will have a good first impression of a different personalized experience. 

Supporting customers to experience Website: New customers or those who are not used to the online shopping interface can face difficulties when they make a purchase online. In that case, it’s very helpful if businesses have a Virtual assistant that can support users to buy on websites with natural speech, or describe steps to make a purchase, payment, etc. 

Introducing products: Modern consumers want the most easy and interesting experience. A good idea used by many retail businesses is applying Text to Speech to give detailed descriptions of products. When customers click on the descriptions, a natural machine voice will present the general information about products, detailed description, benefits, colors, prices, etc., according to predetermined scripts. This method is especially convenient for TV shopping and e-commerce platforms. 

Making a payment: When customers make a payment, businesses can set up a natural speech to thank them, strengthen the brand reputation, and at the same time introduce them related products, promotions, etc. 

Which Text to Speech tool is for retail businesses? 

In Vietnam, FPT.AI Text to Speech is one of the outstanding solutions in the market to converting Vietnamese text to speech. Thanks to Vietnamese Speech Synthesis technology, Natural language processing technology that won the competition in Japan, and a team of experts who are specialized in Vietnamese phonetics processing, FPT.AI Text to Speech has been providing many natural-sounding voices with a wide range of regions and genders, being suitable for consumers in Vietnam’s market.  FPT.AI Text to speech

With Text to Speech technology of FPT.AI, converting text to an audio file only takes a few minutes with simple and easy-to-do actions. Users just need to visit Voicemaker – FPT.AI Text to Speech application – paste the text to convert and choose a voice as needed. After just a few seconds or minutes, users can download audio files in MP3 format. Moreover, Voicemaker also has many features to support a smooth converting process, such as unlimited numbers of characters, high speed, the ease to edit text with undo, redo, etc. features. 

FPT.AI Text to Speech has the Natural language processing that helps to recognize characters with an accuracy of 98%, ensuring that the machine reads the text exactly and has human-like intonation. Businesses can adjust the speech to have fast – slow speech with many voices, from serious, formal voices to gently, warm ones, according to the purposes and needs of businesses. 

Technology is making drastic changes in customer buying experience. Businesses pioneering technology adoption will provide their customers a modern, personalized and completely different experience. Text to Speech is a golden key that creates a generation of pioneering businesses, modern customers and a comprehensive consumer economy in the future. 


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