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Voicebot in the world

January 10, 2020

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An aspect of the competition is that companies must update new technology to become smart businesses if they want to grow and keep up with the times. In just the past few years, chatbots have exploded as a major leap forward in the technology market. From simply written conversations, the bot’s capabilities have now expanded to voice. Voicebot was born quickly by many companies and is applied to the customer service of the business.

The first version of Voicebot was built on a simple feedback platform. Voicebot can recognize simple queries from users and automatically perform corresponding tasks. However, they are limited by pre-programmed inputs and are not capable of self-study.

Today, the smartest Voicebot in the world are integrated with AI, NLP, ML technology… The bot is not only better over time, but they also have the ability to understand and accurately determine user intent. Therefore, bots can perform many complex tasks, on one or more different interfaces. Of course, the learning of the bot is supervised by the bot creator, and limited by the information and data that the user provides. The interactivity of the bot also depends a lot on the script designer. Some of the world-famous Voicebot such as Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa have become intelligent virtual assistants capable of communicating with humans by voice.

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The Voicebot is a computer program that works automatically and has the ability to communicate through various digital media such as apps, websites of organizations, social platforms, and other chat platforms… Users can interact with bots using voice to access information. The bot will then execute the transactions and complete the tasks assigned to it by the user. This is one of the first steps in the automation of customer services.

According to Acckey’s statistics in 2018, CEOs, CTOs all hope that in the future, conversational bots will have a positive impact on their businesses in a positive way. Especially it will help improve customer experience, reduce manual work for employees. 6 out of 10 CEOs said that bots can handle many customer queries, attract and maintain relationships with customers, help businesses improve operations, reduce costs and operate effectively. The CEOs and CTOs all recognize the great potentials of bots, as well as the challenges they need to overcome in order to get the most out of this exciting technology.

In just the next decade or so, Voicebot will surely make functional leaps as they continually integrate the most advanced technologies. Highly developed bots will be able to remember the context, remember previous conversations and provide feedback based on chat history. Thus, conversation bot can coordinate many complex interactions with long conversations. In the future, bots are getting smarter and able to act without much human intervention, understanding and performing tasks in the right context. The most difficult is the integration of technologies together, interface issues, ecosystems are still a big challenge.

Currently, the wave of bots is increasing with the most advanced technologies ready to be integrated into bots, so that they become popular in people’s daily lives. One of the most prominent applications of Voicebot today is the control of voice equipment, or the automated customer service center… Voicebot brings many conveniences in people’s daily lives. Moreover, the virtual assistant Voicebot acts as an operator, replacing the customer care staff automatically and operates 24/7. Thereby, helping to improve the productivity of the switchboard, enhance the interaction between customers and businesses.

In Vietnam, as a technology corporation pioneering new technologies, FPT.AI has just launched the virtual assistant – FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center. The product has been researched and developed by the Technology Department under FPT Corporation. The virtual assistant is one of the products of the comprehensive artificial intelligence platform FPT.AI.

The virtual assistant FPT.AI has the ability to make hundreds of outbound calls to a large number of customers with personalized content, to inform or provide information about products/new services, promotions, unexpected incidents, surveys, calendar reminders or information confirmation, …

At the same time, FPT.AI Assistant also has the ability to respond to incoming calls from users (Inbound Call), consult and answer frequently asked questions, product/service information, book or cancel appointments. Virtual assistants also have the ability to navigate, lead customers to access products/services or connect departments to suit the needs of users.

In the near future, automated switchboards combined with artificial intelligence (AI) will soon show great potential in optimizing customer service. This promises to become an indispensable customer care tool for businesses in the 4.0 era.

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