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4 Tips to optimize call center operation

October 5, 2020

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An efficient call center needs many different tools and processes. In this article, we will look at the factors that an administrator should consider when building and improving a call center system.

Determine the target of call center

In the first step, administrators need to realistically identify the major needs (to make welcome calls, find potential customers, support customers, etc.) and choose a proper operation. This step is helpful to determine KPI indicators, create call scenarios and train employees following a consistent and efficient process.

KPI is a quantitative measure of service efficiency, speed and quality. There are many types of KPIs, but what are the indicators that businesses should adopt? It is not only difficult but also impossible to follow all of them.

Instead, managers should choose some KPI indicators matching business goals and strategy, thereby optimizing strengths and improving shortcomings based on call center quality evaluation.

Invest in appropriate tools to support call center

In the age of Information Technology, human effort is not enough as everything moves at digital speed. No matter how qualified customer service agents are, they still need powerful “weapons” and tools to boost productivity while saving resources.

Some tools that can be integrated into call centers to optimize operation are robots for call distribution and recording, software to display call history and automatically display customer information when receiving inbound calls, etc. They will strongly support human agents to work more productively.

In Vietnam, many large enterprises have expressed their interest in FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center as a powerful 4.0 solution to improve the capability of call centers. The integration of many advanced technologies makes this smart agent a versatile employee that solves many difficult problems for businesses.

In particular, FPT.AI Virtual Agent can listen and understand customers’ intent, thereby giving answers and solutions to customers in a natural language like a human. Some tasks that Virtual Agent can support in each industry/field are:

             – Financial services (Banking, Insurance, Stocks): Remind payment schedule, Welcome new customers, Evaluate customer service

             – E-commerce and Retail: Confirm delivery, Confirm warranty, Receive claims

             – Transport and travel services: Confirm reservation, Confirm booking information, Confirm pick-up service booking, Confirm delivery

            – Digital content service: Confirm successful transaction

In 6 months, FPT.AI Virtual agent improved efficiency by 40% and reduce operating costs by 50% for the call center of a consumer finance company. With the ability to receive and process 98% of calls within the first 5 seconds, work 24/7, and support thousands of users at the same time, smart Virtual Agent helps this business eliminate system overload and support customers quickly and accurately.

Trợ lý ảo tổng đài FPT.AI

Build a consistent customer support process in call center 

In call centers, each agent has to deal with hundreds of problems from customers every day. If there is no specific procedure on how to handle each problem and distribute calls to related departments, call centers will be messy and overloaded just after 2 hours.

It is quite simple to avoid this problem. When training staff, administrators need to provide a process that covers all common or possible problems with specific steps, and a senior staff (usually Head of Customer Support) should manage and handle risks in each step of the process. Besides, businesses can build backup scenarios to forward calls when meeting angry customers or problems that agents have no authority to decide. With a consistent process and backup scenarios, agents will have a reliable framework to control call center system.

Manage call center quality management with statistical reports

In the age of digital information, do not adjust and upgrade call centers based on emotions and personal experience. Data must come first in this era. Businesses need to rely on accurate statistics from all calls to get comprehensive reports, then change and upgrade call centers based on data (Data driven).

On average, listening again and checking the quality of each call take 10-30 minutes. One can say that checking all the calls is impossible for administrators, a problem that many businesses still cannot solve.

However, there is a tool that can automate 100% of the quality control process and report on 100% of calls. That tool is integrated into FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center.

Unlike the traditional statistical method with a few calls as a sample, Virtual Agent for Call Center analyzes all inbound and outbound calls. Data will be digitized and recorded in real time, giving administrators a comprehensive overview of every call, every customer.

In general, an efficient, truly advantageous and profitable call center system requires continuous improvement and development, especially the integration with new technologies. Do not make business call centers outdated in the digital world. Let THINK DIFFERENT – THINK NEW about call centers with FPT.AI right now at:


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