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Chatbot – A powerful assistant of tourism 4.0

March 17, 2022

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1. 3 outstanding use cases of chatbots in tourism

Give personalized suggestion

FPT.AI chatbot

In travel agencies, AI-powered chatbots act as personal travel assistants. Specifically, chatbots give suggestions for each customer by asking and analyzing users’ answers about budget, destination and time, etc. These suggestions cover a range of issues, from hotels, discounts to interesting activities for tourists to experience. 

In the hotel industry, chatbots not only provide information about room quotation, room type, utilities, etc. but also help customers decide quickly instead of spending hours searching on websites or review groups. 

According to Marriot – the leading tourism business in Vietnam, integrating chatbots into business activities has increased the monthly number of customers by 85%.

Support customers in booking and payment

Aiming to increase conversion rate, today businesses have integrated booking and payment features into chatbots. 

According to Zion Market Research, the market value of global online travel booking is estimated to reach $1,955 billion in 2026. Previously, when booking rooms, flights, or traveling tours, customers had to fill in forms on websites. This complicated process is gradually replaced by simple actions on messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Zalo, etc.

After making choices in the booking step, chatbots will redirect users to the “Payment” page, where customers will choose a payment method and other essential information. As a result, the payment process is simplified significantly thanks to chatbots

Taking care of customers

Creating an effective chatbot allows businesses to take care of customers 24/7 without any interruption caused by the lack of human resources, public holidays, late nights, etc. Thanks to that, the primary queries of customers can be handled easily and quickly. Especially with tasks like rescheduling flights, changing hotel rooms, etc., AI-based chatbots also show their ability to solve problems with high accuracy.

Therefore, chatbots can be considered powerful arms of the customer service department. Juniper Research’s 2017 statistics state that by saving $0.7 for each interaction with customers, chatbots will save $8,000,000 for businesses in 2022.

2.      2 ways to create effective chatbots for the tourism industry

FPT.AI chatbot

Build a character

Besides providing information and handling problems accurately, chatbots need their own “personalities” to appear vibrantly and friendly. For example, if target customers of a hotel are middle-aged and elders, formal and proper communication will be a great choice. In contrast, if customers are younger, chatbots with funny personalities will satisfy them.

Link chatbots with marketing activities

Chatbots are becoming an essential marketing tool of the tourism sector. So how can tourism companies connect chatbots with marketing activities? The answer lies in 3 tips:

  • Personalize customer information by using variations such as budget, destination, time, etc., to give appropriate answers.

  • Expand chatbots’ ability to reach customers by integrating them into various channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Zalo, Viber, etc. 

  • Regularly update information about services, promotions to retain connection with customers and increase conversion rate. 

3.    FPT.AI Conversation – The best chatbot building platform today

Chatbot by FPT.AI built and developed by FPT Smart Cloud is considered one of the best platforms to create smart chatbots in Vietnam. These are 3 features that make FPT.AI Conversion worth the attention of businesses:

  • Natural conversation: Equipped with the best Vietnamese natural language processing technology, the chatbot by FPT.AI can understand customers’ intent, give appropriate answers and get smarter over time after training.
  • Multi-channel implementation: Easy integration into available systems and popular  conversation platforms such as Livechat on websites, Facebook Messenger, Zalo, etc. 

  • Easy usage: The interface of FPT.AI’s bot has a simple design allowing easy drag and drop. No need to be engineers or coders, everyone can build a chatbot. 

It can be seen that chatbots are an increasingly essential interacting channel for customers in the tourism field. By integrating the most advanced technologies in the market and the above 3 strengths, FPT. AI Conversation will be a powerful weapon that helps tourism companies win customers and enhance their competitive advantages in the 4.0 era. 



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