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The trend of natural-sounding speech in daily life

December 16, 2020

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Currently, on Facebook, Tiktok there is an emerging trend of movie “review” by short clips of 5-8 minutes. The special thing is that the voiceover is completely done by machine voices. Previously, voiceover was often done by humans. But that method increasingly exposes its limitations since it takes too much time and effort to record, edit and is not suitable for mass production of clips every day to meet market demand.

A superior solution with the ability to quickly convert dry text into natural speech was created – which is Text to speech solution developed by FPT.AI. Currently, 80% of film summary clips on Facebook are using voices of FPT.AI Text to Speech, and the most outstanding one is the northern female voice of Ban Mai. FPT.AI Text To Speech in particular and Text to Speech technology in general have created a new “trend” of technology adoption in daily life.

FPT.AI Text to speech

Activate new value with FPT.AI Text to Speech

Activate new value with FPT.AI Text to Speech

In recent years, the development of Machine Learning technology has diminished differences between machine voice and human voice. Users no longer hear the cold, flat voice of Google and get used to more advanced, more “human” voices. Many machine voices have even been improved so subtly that users cannot distinguish them from human voices.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, a natural-sounding voice not only is an advantage but has gradually become the standard of any business related to speech. Typically, the virtual assistants on smartphones like Siri, Alexa and Cortana are equipped with natural human-like voice technology to carry out conversations with users. Publishers of audiobooks and audio news also start to apply the new generation of machine voice to their production, creating hundreds of audiobooks and audio newspapers in a short time that is equal to 1/10 of the time for the human method, while still ensuring the speed and the ability to convey emotions naturally.

Currently, FPT.AI Text to Speech has developed 9 male/female voices corresponding to North, Central and South regions. These voices are synthesized from the phonetics of thousands of different voices, and adjusted to develop specific voices in each region. The voices of FPT.AI have natural intonation and a moderate rhythm, bringing pleasure to listeners.

Easy customization according to user needs

Voice solution architectures always aim to develop new features every day to make voices more perfect and excellent. Modern machine voice is not only a human-like voice but also accompany versatile customization software so that users can edit and upgrade voice quality according to their needs.

For example, a speech of news requires an average reading speed with a serious, formal tone, while the speech of books, stories or spelling lessons for children will have a slower speed and more rhythm. Voices used in short clips on social media are often quick and decisive to ensure that the content is read in the shortest time. All of these requirements are possible with versatile text-to-speech software.

In the Vietnamese text-to-speech market, FPT.AI Voice Maker, a versatile text-to-speech platform, has shown many superior features compared to other software. The special of FPT.AI Voice Maker is the easy-to-use, friendly interface with features for an easier, faster and more accurate text-to-speech conversion process.

FPT.AI Text to speech

The user-friendly interface of the versatile text-to-speech software FPT.AI Voice Maker


  • Unlimited number of characters/conversion: The number of characters in one conversion is not limited. Thanks to this strength, users can avoid cutting their text into many conversions, causing trouble to merge files.
  • Free preview of all text: Users can listen to the entire text after converting it into speech without payment. Only when users are satisfied with the speech and the results, they need to pay to download MP3 files.
  • Pay as you go: FPT.AI Voice Maker provides 100,000 characters/month to users for free. However, when there is a need to use more, FPT.AI Voice Maker has many packages from 500,000 to 10,000,000 characters for users to choose according to their needs.
  • Easily edit text: Voice Maker has many features to edit text before conversion such as Find & Replace, Undo & Redo. The simple yet essential feature helps users easily edit and complete text as their needs.


Besides, FPT.AI Voice Maker allows users to use multiple voices in one conversion. This function is the most effective when the scripts have conversations of many people, or there are quotes in the scripts. In this case, having more voices will help listeners easily follow, and at the same time help the speech become more lively and attractive.

Overall, Text to Speech technology is becoming increasingly essential in acoustical operations, from basic to complex level. Therefore, FPT.AI Text to Speech was born aiming to bring this technology to use for everyone, from large corporations to small individuals, or even students. Users can experience completely free and convert 100,000 characters/month for free only by registered accounts at

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